Dear Potential Rushee,

War Eagle! On behalf of Theta Chi Fraternity, let us start by congratulating you on your acceptance into Auburn University. Being admitted into Auburn is an honor in its own right, and we commend your exemplary efforts thus far.

First and foremost, our Brothers take immense pride in being Auburn Men, a concept that you will soon come to understand as you experience the excitement and responsibilities of this new era of your life. We hope that in addition to becoming an Auburn Man, you will make the commitment to be an Auburn Fraternity Man, which will provide you with the values and skills needed to truly represent the Auburn Family.

Nationally founded in 1856, Theta Chi Fraternity has more than 235 active chapters throughout the United States, with Auburn’s Chi Chapter being the 22nd installed. Since 1918, Chi Chapter has worked diligently to uphold the ideals set forth by our founders such as achievement, integrity, and brotherhood. Our Brothers never forget the purpose of our fraternity’s existence, which we adamantly value above any of our campus-renowned social events. In all facets of our Brotherhood, we seek to be well-rounded Auburn men, as demonstrated by our alumnus, Brother Ralph “Shug” Jordan, for whom Auburn’s football stadium is named.

In the 100 years since Theta Chi came to Auburn, this is undoubtedly the most exciting period in our history, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it. In 2007, we moved into a state of the art fraternity house that has set the course for Theta Chi’s bright future at Auburn. We currently consist of 180 brothers who, through hard work and determination, have established Theta Chi as a major presence in not only the Greek community, but the Auburn community as well. We have spread our influence across many campus organizations such as: SGA, IFC, Plainsmen, Student Recruiters and much more, and we continue looking for men who exemplify the characteristics to carry on the legacy of our brotherhood.

Rush is the backbone of our fraternity, and we devote much time and effort into the selection of our members. We usually begin recruitment for the upcoming year in the spring and continue on until Formal Rush, which is at the beginning of the school year. Each rush event is created to provide a very informal, laid back atmosphere in which brothers and rushees can enjoy getting to know one another on a more personal level. Some of our more exciting rush functions in the past have included: Atlanta Braves baseball game, Houseboat on Lake Lanier, Lake Events at Lake Martin, and various dinners throughout the summer. For every function, the chapter will provide transportation, lodging, and anything else that you may need. If you are unable to make it to any summer events, we will still make every effort to meet you at the beginning of the school year or during Formal Rush.

If you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid to call or e-mail us. Contact information can be found on our Rush Info page. Please fill out our Rush Sign-Up Form to receive further information on how you can join our fraternity. We wish you the best of luck at Auburn and look forward to seeing you down here soon.

Ben Rysedorph, Rush Chairman