By our Creed, Theta Chi is “Enobled by High and Sacred Purpose.” Founded upon core Biblical ideals such as Truth, Temperance, and Tolerance, Theta Chi and its brothers strive to demonstrate these ideals both in their daily lives as well as in their spiritual lives.

Many brothers of Chi Chapter participate in a weekly Bible study organized and led by senior brother Mitchell Koch in which they seek to instill within themselves a deep and personal understanding of these Truths. The content of the Bible study dives into practical topics for fraternity men in order to help them grow both as men and in their Faith. It is a goal of the leaders to find parallels and connections between the lessons of Christ and situations that men face in their daily lives such that the brothers may learn and help spread their learnings across the entirety of Auburn’s campus. In addition to Bible study, we hold weekly prayer meetings on Monday mornings during which brothers may pray on behalf of the chapter as a whole and for individual members of the brotherhood alike.

As part of their new member education program, all Chi Chapter pledges are enrolled in pledge-specific Bible studies led by upperclassmen. These regular sessions are designed to help small groups of freshmen and others in the pledge class develop a spiritual relationship with their peers and with older members of the chapter. In this way, we start to instill the spiritual Truths on which the fraternity was founded at the very beginning of the journey.

When brothers get older more and more spiritual leadership opportunities come available. Being such a heavily-valued component of our chapter’s lifestyle, these positions are an honor and are encouraged. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that each and every brother of Chi Chapter is given the opportunity to walk with God through their college and fraternity career with the hope that the journey continues long after graduation.