The maxim of Theta Chi is "ALMA MATER FIRST, AND THETA CHI FOR ALMA MATER." At Chi Chapter, we not only believe that we have successfully lived up to this expression but also that we only continue to further our progress towards its goal each year.

Theta Chi strives to be a place where men can come and learn to lead in all that they do. We have a successful history of having brothers involved in a variety of different areas of campus, and in doing so, we are able to contribute fully to the betterment of Auburn. Since our beginning, Theta Chi has been an organization that attracts and develops some of the strongest leaders on campus. While it is certainly true that Greek Life as a whole is a tremendous incubator for leadership talent, we believe that Theta Chi has exceeded the norm with regard to on-campus engagement and participation.

Part of our ultimate goal for our members is to ensure that they are some of the most well-balanced men at Auburn. By promoting a well-balanced lifestyle, we develop men who not only excel in the classroom, but also within the community. These men are the ones who turn into alumni that remain engaged with Auburn, furthering the growth of the Auburn Family that we hold so dearly.

While it is truly impossible to accurately list all of the organizations whose membership have some kind of Theta Chi representation, there are a handful in which members of Theta Chi have repeatedly led and achieved great success. Below are a handful of examples of the great leadership and engagement demonstrated by our members.


Since 2008, members of Theta Chi have served on 8 different Executive Councils of the Auburn Interfraternity Council, the student-led governing body that oversees and facilitates the operation of all 28 major fraternities on campus. During 3 of those years, a member has presided over the Council in the role of IFC President. In addition to representation on the Executive Council, brothers of Theta Chi have had a near continuous presence serving on IFC Cabinet, a group of underclassmen leaders that help execute the mission and initiatives of the Interfraternity Council.

Members of Theta Chi also regularly serve in various roles within the Student Government Association (SGA). Auburn University’s Student Government Association represents the Auburn student body to the University administration and the community. SGA advocates for the interests of Auburn students and works to better the student experience through community events and initiatives. Over the last decade, numerous members have served Auburn in this way, including 2 members who served on the SGA Executive Council in the role of Executive Vice President of Initiatives, one who served as an At-Large Senator, and many who in roles within the SGA Cabinet.

Given our members' outstanding commitment to Auburn each year, both on campus and in the classroom, it is not uncommon for our members to represent our chapter amongst some of the most prestigious honor societies and organizations on Auburn's campus including Spade Honorary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Cardinal Key, Lambda Sigma, Sigma Lambda Chi, Tau Beta Pi, and many others.

In addition to leading in areas that span Auburn's campus in support of fellow students, our brothers are also heavily involved in roles leading the University and its respective academic colleges. Over the past decade, we have had numerous members selected to serve as Plainsmen within the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen organization. Commonly recognized as the men wearing the orange jackets on Saturdays, War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen is the official ambassador group for Auburn University, serving directly under the President Steven Leath. To be selected to serve in this organization is one of the most challenging achievements an Auburn student can attain, and as such, it is a fantastic honor. Other campus-wide ambassador organizations with Theta Chi representation include both Student Recruiters and Athletic Recruiters. Membership in these groups is a great honor as well; having the responsibility of attracting top talent to Auburn both on in the classroom and on the field.

As well as representing Auburn as a whole, other members often can be found representing Auburns different academic areas in the form of college ambassadors. As a college ambassador, students are responsible for being the student face of that college and all it has to offer when representing it in front of alumni, guests of the University, and perspective students and their families. Selection into a role such as these is something that should be considered a high honor, as it is an affirmation that a student embodies all that the administrative and faculty leadership of Auburn value in the institution. Since 2011, Theta Chi has been represented in membership of Cupola Engineering Ambassadors, the group responsible for serving the Dean of the College of Engineering. As well, we have maintained a strong representation over the past few years in the Harbert College of Business's Executive Society.

Some other notable organizations with which we are involved include:

  • Beat Bama Food Drive
  • Auburn Cru (formerly Campus Crusade)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers Racing Team