About Rush at Theta Chi

Recruitment at Theta Chi has grown exponentially over the past decade. While we still remain true to our humble beginnings and ensure that we embrace an atmosphere and mentality of "growing a small fraternity," we are constantly seeking to recruit men that seek to uphold our values. In recent years, our average pledge class size has been in the range of 40-50 men. While we attempt not to set hard limits on pledge class size, we also maintain a high priority of ensuring that our chapter's brotherhood remains strong. Quality is better than quantity. We seek to bring in men who are among the most driven in the freshman class at Auburn so that we may help them become better and more successful in their college careers but also so that they may help us become stronger.

In order to streamline the operation of the fraternity and maintain easier logistics, we accept new pledge classes in the fall semester only. If you would like to affiliate from us as a transfer from another chapter, please speak directly with our chapter president.

Key Dates

Per agreement amongst the member fraternities of Auburn's Interfraternity Council, no bids may be extended to potential new members until the weekend of May 18th, 2018. This does not mean, however, that you may not sign-up for recruitment or be in contact with our rush chairman and committee. Beginning that weekend, many fraternities will begin having their first events and extending their first bids, so it is best to get in contact with us early so you will be in the know from the start.

Events will take place at various locations throughout the state of Alabama and Georgia over the course of the summer. For more information about these events, as well as their times and dates, please make sure to sign up for recruitment or contact a member of our rush committee directly.

Once Summer Recruitment has begun, we normally continue to build our pledge class until mid-July, at which point we will finalize our pledge class until Formal Recruitment.

Formal Recruitment often occurs during the second week of the fall semester.

Summer Rush

A major part of Auburn's fraternity recruitment occurs during the summer months between spring and fall semesters; this is what we often refer to as Summer Rush. The primary goal of Summer Rush is to ensure that the chapter begins as early as possible in recruiting quality men to build its future legacy, and we have found it to be incredibly effective over the past years.

During Summer Rush, the atmosphere is very relaxed, allowing potential new members and brothers ample time to meet each other and learn about one another. Throughout this time, we often hold events such has lake parties, houseboat parties, Braves games, cookouts, etc. to create this time of networking. These events often occur in Alabama and Georgia - many occurring at the Theta Chi House itself.

If you travel from out of town to attend one of our Summer Rush events, all lodging will be covered by the chapter. Transportation arrangements will be made by the rush committee closer to the date of the event.

For information about how to get involved in Summer Rush at Theta Chi, please contact a member of our rush committee.

Formal Rush occurs each year during the first few weeks of the fall semester. This is an event organized by Auburn's IFC in which each house is open for potential new members to visit and learn about. While the format of Summer Rush allows for much better means of allowing potential members to learn about the chapter and vice versa, we believe in the importance of Formal Rush, as it allows an opportunity for potential members to participate who were unable to join us during the summer.

Formal Rush

You can contact our Rush Chairman, Ben Rysedorph for more information by email at kbr0009@auburn.edu or by phone at 205-531-2512.

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