• WiLL there be dinner served on Friday night?

    • Yes, the chapter will be providing food.

  • Will there be dinner served at the event on Saturday night?

    • Yes, this will be a banquet-style event with catered meal. Two drink tickets are also included in the price of registration

  • Will childcare be provided at any point during the weekend?

    • Unfortunately we will not be making arrangements for younger children.

  • The hotel is out of space on the block, what are some other options?

  • Will lunch be provided on Saturday after campus tours?

    • Yes, there will be food served after the tours conclude.

  • What attire should I wear to each of the events?

    • Friday evening - casual

    • Saturday evening - semi-formal/business attire

  • Will there be transportation to the event on Saturday night?

    • No, there will not be transportation to the event on Saturday night. However, we will provide transportation for guests to Downtown Auburn after the conclusion of the event to continue the party.

  • Where should I park?

    • For Friday evening and Saturday morning, parking at the house will be limited. You may park along Lem Morrison drive in marked spaces or at the intramural fields, which are just a short walk away.

    • On Saturday evening, you may park at the hotel for the event. Additionally, you may park on-campus and take an Uber/Lyft/taxi to the event. On weekends, most campus parking restrictions are not enforced; however, do be sure to NOT park in any areas marked for residential/dorm students, as they are enforced 24/7. The lots near the intramural fields, Auburn Arena, library, and Lowder Business building should all be fair game.


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